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Project Details Client: Joanna Style: Traditional Print: Thermography Price: $$$ This large size rectangular invite is printed on a heavy weight ivory linen stock with blush shimmer backing and ivory

Brianna & Russell

Project Details Client: Brianna & Russell Style: Nautical, Lasercutting, Embellishments Print: Thermography Price: $$$ 3 layered invitation consisting of gold glitter paper, laser cut shell motif, wording layer, and a

Sara & Isaac

Project Details Client: Sara & Isaac Style: Lasercutting Print: Thermography Price: $$ Lasercut gatefold opens to an ivory invitation printed with colored wording of choice. The suite can be done

Veronica & Brandon

Project Details Client: Veronica & Brandon Style: Digital Gatefold Print: Digital Press Price: $$$$ 2 layered book fold invite consisting on handmade paper and double layered logo. Inside, wording with

Caylee & Kaleb

Project Details Client: Caylee & Kaleb Style: Digital Bookfold Print: Digital Press Price: $$ 3 layered bookfold consisting of blush shimmer, white shimmer and black mirrored paper. Opens to either

Chin & Ugo

Project Details Client: Chin & Ugo Style: Lasercut Bookfold Print: Screen Print, Lasercutting, foilstamp Price: $$$ This white large square book fold invitation gives a grand feel. The logo is

Watercolor Paisley

Project Details Client: Watercolor Paisley Style: Watercolor bookfold Print: Digital Press Price: $$$ This water colored paisley invitation gives a whimsical and unique ambience. We have multiple watercolor designs available.

Jessica & Robbie

Project Details Client: Jessica & Robbie Style: Envelopment Print: Digital Press Price: $$$ This rectangular laser cut invitation consisted of a blush shimmer laser cut wrap enfolding a glitter backing

Yainee & Manny

Project Details Client: Yainee & Manny Style: Boxed Print: Thermography, Screen Print Price: $$$$ This invitation was designed for a Major League Baseball, beautiful couple who's wedding took place in

Britney & Stuart

Project Details Client: Britney & Stuart Style: Boxed Print: Thermography Price: $$$$ This invitation was designed for a beautiful Palm Beach couple who love blush, crystals, and feminine design. This

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